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Get A Solutions For All Residential & Commercial Mortgages


  • Is using a mortgage broker free?
    Yes! The services at OLEND are completely free. We research & negotiate the best loan terms on your behalf and manage the paperwork from the start to the end of the process at no cost to you. Our services are paid directly from the lender chosen.
  • What services does a mortgage broker provide?
    OLEND thoroughly researches our wide range of lenders & products to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible in the market. We take the burden of a loan application off you by handling the paperwork & communicating with lenders and your behalf. After your loan is settled, we continually look out for the best deal possible and follow up with you.
  • Can you get a better interest rate with a broker?
    We have a network of over 40 lenders & 300 products which allows us to discuss with lenders your loan application and provide you with recommendations of the best deal for you.
  • Where is your office based?
    We are based in Sydney and mainly operate on a digital & mobile basis. However, we are happy to organise a face to face meeting if you are also based in Sydney.
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